Retire In Boquete, Panama

Boquete is a small town in the province of Chiriquí, Panama. The province of Chiriquí is a six hour trip from Panama City the capital of the Republic of Panama. Boquete is about half an hour drive from David the capital of Chiriquí. The small town of Boquete has a very small population of almost 16,000 people who are mainly native Indians, persons of European descent and of late, retirees from the United States, Europe and Canada have been added to the list. The small community of Boquete began to form in the early 1900’s by native Indians and Europeans (mainly Swiss, Swedish, Yugoslavians and Germans) who settled in the area and began farming. Today Boquete a town with very little commercial activity and is known around the world as one of the best places to retire.

Boquete is known in Panama as ‘the valley of flowers and the eternal spring’. The town is surrounded by luxuriant tropical forests, rivers, exotic flower gardens. The climate in Boquete is perfect year round. Boquete is not too hot or too cold. There is absolutely no need for air condition or heaters in Boquete homes. There are beautiful beaches in the town of David just waiting to be explored.

An important factor people consider when retiring and relocating to a different country is the availability and price of real estate property (land or homes). Boquete has it all! An abundance of real estate properties near rivers, in the forests, ranches, farms all with excellent views. For the persons who do not want the hassle of construction there are beautiful homes and condo units available at retirement communities. In order to attract retirees to Panama, a further incentive has been granted to persons wishing to construct homes in Panama: owners who have been granted a permit before July 1st of 2009 will receive a Property Tax emption of 20 years on the condition that the home is completed by December 2011.

There a lots of exciting and adventurous activities to do in Boquete. Retirement in Boquete will be fun and definitely not dull. There are many things to do and one activity includes hiking in some beautiful rain forests, which are alive with wildlife. The areas in and around Boquete are well known for bird watching. Avid bird watchers from around the world visit these parts of Panama to look at the almost 1000 bird species of Panama. The tallest mountain in Panama is Volcano Baru and it is an extinct volcano located in Boquete. The Boquete Valley is very fertile and is famous for coffee, vegetable and fruits production. Retirees can engage in one of many guided tours of the area’s coffee estates or look around flower gardens. Other activities include river rafting, kayaking, fishing or just relaxing in a calm and peaceful environment. Retirement in Boquete is surely fun!

Boquete has exciting nightlife and there are many great restaurants in and around the town. There are cocktail bars where people gather to relax and sip drinks while listening to great music.

Boquete retirement is made easy with the Panama Retirement Program. Persons who wish to retire to Boquete Panama can apply for a retirement visa, if successful this person becomes eligible discounts and tax exemptions only available to retirees. Persons who retire to Boquete Panama will enjoy great discounts on hotel accommodations, loans and mortgages, medical bills, professional and technical services, and transportation including airfare amongst others.

Getting to Boquete is easy. There are daily flights from Panama City (Albrook Airport) to David and regular bus service from Panama City to David. Transportation to David to Boquete is provided by taxi or bus service.

Retirement in Boquete Panama according to the Modern Maturity Magazine produced by AARP (American Association for Retired Persons) is ‘a best kept secret’ and ranked among the top four places in the world to retire to. Boquete lives up to its standard- it has the most serene environment and there are many retirement properties available for sale and for rent, and oodles of activities to engage in. Boquete retirement has many benefits and is a very affordable retirement option.

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