Panama Retirement Program

The Republic of Panama in Central America is rated amongst the world’s top countries to retire to. Panama is one of the countries which have great opportunities for retirees. A Panama Retirement Visa or Visa de Pensionado qualifies retirees for a long list of services and discounts. Panama is a peaceful country with stable society, politics and economy. Tourism is very important to the Republic of Panama and with many places to see the retirees will always have something to do in Panama! The retirement visa program is envied by many countries worldwide.

The Panama Retirement Program or retiree incentive program has lots of benefits for persons who are desirous of making Panama their retirement home. With this visa Panama Retirees are entitled to the following attractive perks and benefits:

  • Tax exemption for up to US$ 10,000 on the importation of household and personal items
  • Retirees can import car every two years and receive tax exemption
  • 20% discount on medical services (nurse, doctor), professional services (lawyers, accountants etc.)and technical services
  • Pay half of the entrance fee at cultural events, the cinema and sporting events
  • Hotel discounts of up to 50% on weekdays
  • Discounts of up to 25% discount on travel tickets including airline tickets
  • Discounts on loans and mortgages

With the cost of living raising around the globe it is becoming more and more difficult for pensioners to survive in countries such as the United States, Canada and Europe with their pensioner’s salary. Panama’s cost of living is very low when compared to that of more developed, modernized countries. The cost of utilities (electricity, water and sewage and telephone services) in Panama is definitely lower in the Republic of Panama. The price of healthcare is a pressing issue in other countries and pensioners find it very expensive and cannot afford good health care where as healthcare in Panama is of an extremely high standard and only costs a fraction of what it would cost in the United States or Europe.

Panama is a vacationer’s paradise. Beautiful towns such as Boquete in Chiriquí Province are perfect for retirees. The calm and beauty of such areas makes you want to stay forever. Boquete is rated one of the best places to retire to and this town has surely earned its position; lush tropical rain forests, rivers, hundreds of species of birds and real estate at unbelievable low prices are some of the features which keep attracting people to Boquete and other towns in Panama.

The laws of Panama make it very easy for foreigners to own land or real estate property in Panama. Foreigners can purchase property in Panama and receive the same rights and protections that a Panamanian citizen will get. At present there are many properties on sale which surely helps making relocating to Panama a smooth transition. Real estate for sale includes condos, land, farms, and beachfront property among others. Persons can qualify for tax exemption on their property for up to 15 years.

Panama is a tax haven therefore pensioners are guaranteed that any income earned outside of the Republic of Panama will not be subjected to any taxes, similar to Panama company income. Retirees can rest easy knowing that none of their hard owned lifesavings or pension income will not be deducted from by the Government of Panama. The Republic of Panama is known as an international business center and the country has the technology and communication system to support this sector. Retirees are guaranteed every form of modern technology to keep in touch with the rest of the world, basic services such as internet and telephones are available throughout the country.

Panama is very appealing to foreigners for all the incentives being offered. A naturally beautiful country with warm people is very inviting and some of the reasons people choose to remain there.

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