Panama Immigration

Panama Immigration laws allows for a number of different types of visas to be granted to foreigners including tourist visas, pension visas, student visas, reforestations visas general investor visa among others. The above mentioned visas according to the immigration laws of Panama allow non citizens of the Republic of Panama to reside in the country. Some changes have been made to the immigration laws of Panama which came into effect in August of 2008.

The majority of people who migrate to the Republic of Panama come from the United States with a smaller percentage coming from Canada and some European countries. A number of these people come as tourists where as a few remain under the Pensionado Program (pension program). Visa applications in Panama are processed by lawyers and law offices.

According to the Panama’s immigration laws tourists are such persons who visit the country for recreational purposes. Citizens of certain countries need no visas to enter Panama whilst some only require a tourist card which cost US$5 and can be bought at the airport or at a Panama embassy or Consulate. There are those citizens of some countries who require a visa to go to Panama. The application process takes approximately three (3) weeks and the applicant need a bank reference, Panamanian sponsor, Police Record, photocopy of passport pages, return ticket, two passport sized photographs and a copy of the identification card issued by their country. Tourist visas are granted for up to 90 days and can be extended for up to 90 days.

The Pensioner’s visa can be requested by a person who has gained retirement from a government institution of a foreign country or private Panama company. With a pensioner’s visa an individual obtains permanent residence in the Republic of Panama. The requirements are a lifetime monthly income from one of the aforementioned institution of US$1000, a certified letter from the private company or government institution stating that the applicant has retired and that a monthly income will be paid, a bank statement, a certificate of good standing from the private company, a copy of passport, a police record and a medical certificate. If there are dependents the applicant has to make available an additional US$250 for each dependent. The monthly income of US$1000 is reduced to $750 if the applicant makes a real estate investment if US$100,000 or more in Panama.

The reforestation visa is granted to a foreigner who makesUS$60,000 in 10 hectares of land in any reforestation activity approved by the National Authority of the Environment. The applicant in addition to the financial investment must provide proof of investment, audited financial statements, certified share certificates in the name of the applicant, a copy of the company’ tax return. Corporations can also apply for this visa. If the applicant has dependents the original investment will be increased by US$2000 per dependent.

The Panama Student Visa is granted to persons who wish to reside legally in Panama for educational purposes. The student can apply in person at any Panamanian Embassy or Consulate and must show documented proof of studies or acceptance letter for the school or university to be attended.

Panama immigration makes it very easy for foreigners to visit or reside in the country. The recent changes in the legislation were done as a means to protect the integrity of the Republic of Panama and the foreign nationals who reside or visit the beautiful country. Renewal of Panamanian visas is just as easy and speedy as the application process for the original visa.

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